Rachel Running Time

R achel Racing Time, was a short Young Adult novel published by The Third Space in 2014.

The Third Space series was a project designed in response to the Australian Curriculum's inclusion of the key elements of diversity competence: intercultural and ethical understanding, personal and social capability, and critical and creative thinking. Comprising thirteen novellas, The Third Space aimed to equip students with the requisite understandings, skills, attitudes and dispositions to deal with difference through reading stories focused on young protagonists.

This series took students on an introductory journey out of their own world and into the intriguing world of human diversity. Students were given a unique opportunity to step out of their own space and into the third space-a space where people of different cultural, racial and belief systems are understood and respected. The novellas provided the conceptual tools and imaginative space to help students discover and participate in this third space where multi-culture and multi-faith are key components of a society that is rich, harmonious and inclusive.

Rachel: Racing Time

It was only a tiny lump in her throat. It felt like nothing at all... really. But Rachel's otherwise pretty comfortable life is suddenly turned upside down. It isn't fair. She's so strong and healthy; she's an athlete. Then there are tests and hospitals and nurses and doctors and all sorts of bother that she didn't ask for, and she wouldn't wish on anyone. And no-one really seems to be able to help.

Then she meets Rick, who is nothing like her, but he also is. He is Catholic, she is Jewish. Together they navigate the rapids of their illnesses, not knowing what the outcome will be. Through it all they discuss their different belief systems, each trying to understand the other until the ending shows them a surprising way in which they might actually succeed in doing it